i18n centralized admin panel for all rails application

Hi all!

I was wondering how people manage their application translations ?
I found solutions like tolk gem that will provide Web UI, but that will
work only if you have Active Record/db in your application. Also, tolk
like solutions are one per project.

But if you have 3 project and all of them want to translate ? How you
manage then ? For each project install web ui plugin to and translate
again ?

I didnt found a centralized way to translate (manage I18n.t keys ) for
more then one application.

I was wondering if out there is some web service that will provide web
ui to

1. create/import/export translations
2. Sync service translations with your local i18n object ?

I saw a demo of a system using Sinatra and Reddis for this. The Sinatra app just provided the admin UI, and all of the translations were stored in Reddis where the Rails app(s) could access them. This was a live demo at the Phillyrb meeting, sorry but I don't have a link handy.


Indeed, you should be able to put together something really quickly and combine that with the information you get from http://railscasts.com/episodes/256-i18n-backends

Basically, the default yaml based translations don’t lend themselves very well to instant updates (i.e. not at all). You’re better off just changing the backend to a more flexible key-value store like Reddis and editing the data in there.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt