I wery like programming I am a student, how to get a job on a remote vacancy rails(416$)

Created applications for Coca-cola, used Rails 4 (redmine.oblaqo.ru/coca-cola)

As for the models:

The ability to work with dB migrations.
Competent preparation of relationships between models
Used gem draper Creating decorators.
Used virtus, which allows you to make the virtual model.
Using SQLite 3
It goes to the “shop” models.

As for the display:

Worked with SASS when using Bootstrap
To display used erb,
Reduction to be helpers.
The use of partial templates.
Used in their work Coffescript

As for the IDE to develop:

Used RubyMine and Netbeans
Can work in text editors SublimeText 2-3

Version control:

Worked in a team used git
Including working with branches.
Worked with svn

The ability to use the Linux command:

Ability to work with Fedora, Ubuntu
Using nano(lдля edits on the server)

P.S. In my face, you will get sociable and responsible employee.