i want to fetch the data's from the datanase. it display in

<%= @panles = panel.find(:all, :panel => "name") collection_select(:panel, :name, @panels, :id, :name) %>

There are a number of problems with this code. The first thing is that <%= %> is effectively saying 'output everything within these brackets' - you have 2 lines of code so you're going to get issues.

The second problem is that the line '@panels = ...' should be in your controller action:

in your controller: def index   @panels = Panel.find(:all); end

in your view: <%= collection_select('panel', 'name', @panels, :id, :name) %>

For future reference, you will generally get better response if you post the actual error message you are receiving. I'd also recommend that you pick up one of the many books and tutorials that are available to give you a solid grounding in rails.