I need someone like me to learn, build a simple but real life app with me

Hi All,

I have been climbing the steep learning curve of RoR. Since I do not come from OOP background and also not a programmer, I have difficulty jump straight into coding Ruby from scratch. Scaffolds help to give a head start, but I know that in order to build a real life app, we cant rely on scaffolds.

If you are like me....

1. Not a programmer. But understands just enough how PHP, MYSQL works becos of tools such as joomla CMS making life easy.

2. Have bought and read the famous Agile web development book by Dave Thomas and David, Recipes books and others Rails books. Full of theory in my head.

3. Cant wait to jump straight into creating an app for yourself just to make sure I learn the basic and start coding knowing that the best way to learn and fully understand why RoR works is to engaged into a real project.


I like to find someone who share this attributes with me and to form a team to brainstorm, discuss and work on some idea to roll out a RoR app together., maybe launch it and get feedback from real user using the app.

Please me email at pacochin at gmail dot com


Check out mysite for screencasts on ruby and rails

Http://www.rubyplus.org Free Ruby & Rails screencasts