I need help for Gem installation required root password on ubuntu

I have install netbeans 7 ide, then install ruby plugin but when I try
to install any gem using the netbeans plugins I am asked for root
password of ubuntu, how can I find my root password, because when I use
the login password, that doesn't work.
I am using ubuntu10.10 desktop.

If you did not install the desktop you will need to ask the person who did what it is. Alternately you can see if you have sudo access and install the gems that way. It will take your login password.

sudo gem install



If you are a sudo user then you cannot get the password but yes you can
set new password for root.

use >> passwd root
new password ****
confirm new password ****

then do

su root
password ****

Not sure if this is what you are looking for.


yes T.ragahvendra Shet it was the problem is solved.