I Love Ruby updated - the free Ruby programming book

Hello Folks,

I added a section for test driven development. You can download I Love Ruby here https://mindaslab.github.io/I-Love-Ruby/

Enjoy coding.

Hello,    Just published the talk notes from Vienna.rb on "Build (Online) Books and Documentation w/ Octobook Themes and the Jekyll (Static) Website Compiler" [1].

  The agenda reads:

   - What's a Jekyll Theme?    - What's Dr Jekyll's?   - Jekyll Themes 'n' GitHub Pages   - What's the Jekyll Remote Theme Plugin     - Jekyll Remote Theme In Action Example - Ruby Habits   - What's Octobook?   - Three Octobook Real-World Examples      1. World Classics      2. Project Documentation      3. Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf

   Any interest in publishing the source for your I Love Ruby book in markdown? And publishing a web version on GitHub Pages (with a ruby tool chain eg. jekyll, kramdown, github pages, octobook, etc.)?

   Cheers. Prost.

[1] talks/octobook.md at master · geraldb/talks · GitHub