I created an anonymous community only for engineers, check it out!

Hi rails-savvy.
I’m timakin, and I created my own application with ROR.

I always check this community for learning, and development, so I’m glad if you review my app.


this service, Casualyze is the anonymous community for engineers.

The default topic themes is categorized in 6 of them.(Language, Development, News, Application, Learning, and Anything.)

I realized, there is no community that critically fit to me.

We have so much Q&A forum, like StockOverflow, but they are not casual or frank.

Reddit may have the closest concept, but I feel like it is like playing tennis in large park.

I wanna play tennis in a tennis court. I wanna communicate with others in appropriate forum.

And then, in the honest, I felt so lonely.

The engineering learning is silent and, sometimes stressful 'cause of disgusting error messages.

So, I’d like to communicate with other engineers frankly, take a religious war with PHP,

and complain about the legacy code of my company.

This community is anonymous, 'cause nickname is trouble for above concept.

If you had sympathy to me, please give me and recommend to your friends.


I am not surprised you are lonely if you insist on hiding behind anonymity.

Best wishes


Hi Colin.

Your argument is to the point :slight_smile:

But, I wish there are people who have the similar idea of frank communication.

Thx your opinion!