I am looking for recommendations for Rails developers to send an RFP to

Hi -
I need to find a small team or company that would be interested in receiving an RFP for a new website. The look, feel, and most of the static content is already coming from another vendor (but not the functionality). The data that we would need is in Oracle systems. We have about 5,000 “models” in our catalog, the best overall data for these models is in the Oracle WebCenter Site CMS, although parts of the data, some reporting and pricing, is in other Oracle databases or websites (the RFP will be more complete).

What we need:

The finished website, and a new CMS that would allow us to publish and manage content, have multiple authors, etc. etc., auto generation of the model pages (but the ability to edit in the CMS after), custom work to get the pricing and reports we need into the model pages, the placement of the new look and feel onto whatever CMS you would use, and other front end stuff that is specified in the deliverables (menus, etc.). We are currently using SOLR as the search tool - not sure if we need to or can continue to use that or if something else may fit better.

Can anyone make me a solid recommendation(s)? Someone who preferably has some experience with scientific websites? And it would be a plus if they were in the north east - NY, NJ, CT, MA preferred.

Hopefully once this project is “finished” it would be handed off to us and require minimum back end upkeep but there would definitely be an ongoing support relationship of some kind.

Thanks -

Please contact me: james 'dot' davisphd 'at' gmail 'dot' com. I have developed statistical applications in the past using Ruby / Rails and can be of assistance.