httparty vs mechanize

Are these two competing gems?


They're different in my opinion. Httparty make making http requests nice, whereas mechanize is more about interacting with web pages (so it has a bunch of features to do with cookies, filling out forms and so on).


Hi all,

I need to do POST/PUT operation using httparty.

I have a default class as follows

require 'httparty'

class Webclient include HTTParty

  def intialize(options = {})   # parameters to build the url   end end

with the help of httparty, i can easily use get operation as follows


Can anyone give me an example of how to do POST/PUT operations through httparty over a Rest webservice, where i need to post/Put the entire XML

for example, XML content is like below <ns:sample xmlns:ns="somelocation"> <attributes></attributes> </ns:sample>

I need to post/put the whole xml content using HTTParty as,"XMLContent") Webclient.put(url,"XMLContent")

can any one give me an example of how to post/put the whole xml using httparty under a class which includes httparty

Thanks in advance