HTTP Basic Auth Popup

Hi guys,

After I’ve upgraded to Rails 3.0.10, the application I’m working on started having these http basic auth popups.

At first I thought it was caused by me upgrading to 3.0.10 which could’ve expired all current sessions. But it’s not

that. Everytime I try to delete a record, I get the popup. I experimented with it for a while and found out that

the bug is only present when I’m deleting via javascript (ie, links have :remote => true). If I remove the :remote => true

lines, then everything works fine. I can confirm that it’s working fine before in Rails 3.0.3. Any ideas?

Here’s the code for the link_to

link_to ‘Delete’, post, :confirm => ‘Are you sure you want to delete this post?’, :method => :delete, :remote => true

The destroy action is a standard destroy controller action (which I think has nothing to do with this issue but I’ll include

the code anyway).

def destroy

@post = Post.where(:id => params[:id]).first

if @post

authorize! :delete, @post



respond_to do |format|

format.html {redirect_to posts_path}




Try to update your rails.js

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在 2011-8-23,9:21,Jim Ruther Nill 写道:

Try to update your rails.js

I guess this is the right way to do it. Thanks! For those having the same problems, you might want to

check this article.