Hpricot how to remove all comments from a document?

} i can't find a good documentation for Hpricot and aunt google won't help
} either.
} so how do you remove html comments with Hpricot?
} i tried things like (html/'!').remove but that doesnt seem to work at
} all.
} does anyone know?
} thanks!

class Hpricot::Doc
  def select_nodes
    selected = []
    queue = children.reverse
    while node = queue.pop
      selected << node if yield node
      queue.push(*node.children.reverse) if node.respond_to? :children
def Hpricot.orphan_node(node)
  list = node.parent.children
  node.parent = nil

doc = Hpricot(open('filename.html'))
doc.select_nodes { |n| n.comment? }.each { |c| Hpricot.orphan_node(c) }