How would you approach adding comments/reply form to a JQuery slide-out panel for a model?

I'm currently using 'acts_commentable_with_threading' on my Post model. I am able to add comments on the show.html.erb page for the posts. What I've been trying to do is add this logic inside of the posts feed for users. I can't seem to add the comments form to the _feed_posts.html.erb partial. Which has a slide-panel for commenting on user posts.

feed\index.html.erb <div class=container> <div class="feed"> <%= render 'feed/feed_posts', following_activities: @following_activities %> </div> </div>


<div class="container-fluid">   <% @following_activities.each do |post| %>       <div class="tile_padding">         <div class="tile_container">           <div class="user_avatar_pos">             <%= link_to(image_tag(post.user.avatar.url(:thumb), class: 'round-image-50'), user_path(post.user), lazy: true) %>           </div>           <div class="tile_photo">             <%= image_tag(, lazy: true) %>           </div>           <div class="user_sn">             <%= link_to(post.user.username, post.user) %>           </div>           <hr>           <div class="feed_body">             <%= linkify_hashtags(post.body) %>           </div>         </div>         <div class="tile_sidebar">           <ul id="experience_feed_footer">             <li>               <div class="like_btn_pos like_post">                 <% if current_user.liked? post %>                     <%= link_to dislike_post_path(post), class: 'fa fa-star fa-lg unlike_post', style: 'text-decoration: none; color: yellow;', method: :get do %>                         <%= post.get_likes.size %>                     <% end %>                 <% else %>                     <%= link_to like_post_path(post), class: 'fa fa-star fa-lg like_post', style: 'text-decoration: none; color: #494c4f;', title: 'like', method: :get do %>                         <%= post.get_likes.size %>                     <% end %>                 <% end %>               </div>             </li>             <li>               <div class="exp_feed_delete_btn"><span><i class="fa fa-times" style="color: darkred;"></i></span>                 <% if post.user == current_user && user_signed_in? %><%= link_to 'Delete', post, method: :delete, data: {confirm: 'Are you sure?'}, style: 'color: darkred;' %>                 <% end %></div>             </li>             <li>               <div class="feed_li_reply_btn"><p> <button class="reply_btn" id="trigger">Reply <%= image_tag 'double-arrow-right.png' %></button></div>             </li>           </ul>         </div>       </div>

  <div class="slider" id="slider">     <div class="exp_com_section_header">       <h1>Comments <%= post.comment_threads.count == 0 ? "0" : post.comment_threads.count %></h1>

   //Comments/reply form inside of slider

    </div>   </div>   <% end %>

  <script type="text/javascript">     $(document).ready(function () {       $('img').lazyload({         threshold: 500,         effect: 'fadeIn'       });     });

    $(document).ready(function (){       $('#slider').slideReveal({         push: false,         position: 'right',         speed: 600,         trigger: $("#trigger"),         overlay: true,         top: 100,         width: 500       });     });   </script> </div>

//Comments Partial Form {Doesn't work in view, but has no issues in show action for post.}

<%= form_for @new_comment do |f| %>     <%= f.hidden_field :commentable_id, value: @new_comment.commentable_id %>     <%= f.hidden_field :commentable_type, value: @new_comment.commentable_type %>     <div class="field form-group">       <%= f.text_area :body, class: 'form-control' %>     </div>     <div class="field form-group">       <%= submit_tag 'Post comment', class: 'btn btn-primary-outline btn-sm' %>

//Comments _reply.html.erb <!-- Displays each comment with reply link for that comment --> <% comments.each do |comment| %>     <div class="comments-show">       <div class="comment">         <div class="user-name" style="color: #151619; font-weight: bolder;">           <%= comment.user.username.capitalize %>         </div>         <p><%= link_to(image_tag(comment.user.avatar_url(:thumb), class: 'round-image-50'), user_path(comment.user)) %> <%= linkify_hashtags comment.body %> <%= awesome_link 'fa-times-circle', comment, method: :delete, remote: true, data: {disable_with: 'Deleting Comment'}, style: 'color: red;' %>           <br></p>

        <div class="comment-nav"><a href="#" class="comment-reply"><i class="fa fa-reply"></i> Reply</a></div>         <div class="reply-form">           <%= form_for @new_comment do |f| %>               <%= f.hidden_field :commentable_id, value: @new_comment.commentable_id %>               <%= f.hidden_field :commentable_type, value: @new_comment.commentable_type %>               <%= f.hidden_field :comment_id, value: %>

              <div class="field form-group">                 <%= f.text_area :body, class: 'form-control' %>               </div>               <div class="field form-group">                 <%= submit_tag 'Post Reply', class: 'btn btn-primary' %>               </div>           <% end %>         </div>       </div>       <%= render partial: 'comments/reply', locals: {comments: comment.children} %>     </div> <% end %>

These two forms are actually brought together inside of a template partial.

<div class="comments-header">   <p>     <%= commentable.comment_threads.count == 0 ? 'No New' : commentable.comment_threads.count %> Comments   </p> </div>

<%= render partial: 'comments/form', locals: {new_comment: new_comment} %>

<div class="comments-container">   <%= render partial: 'comments/reply', locals: {comments: commentable.root_comments} %> </div>

//Renders comment/reply forms inside of one file <%= render partial: 'comments/template', locals: {commentable: @post, new_comment: @comment} %>

I need a form instance to populate each slider for each post. The slide-out panel is working to an extent. It doesn't populate with data from nth elements. Only the top element on the page is loaded and I cannot add comments to it. What approach would you take given the code that I've shown you?

I clearly have to pass the id of each post to the JQuery slider itself. Since the nth elements are showing the content hanging on the outside of the object instances, and the reply button to activate the slider is not working as well for them.