How would I create a "tagged domain"?


Basically I recently been playing around with my ruby on rails system,
and I'm wondering how I can get it to pick some words from the :name
of the tutorial (I have a system with categories and tutorials) and
make this into what I call a tagged domain, basically instead of it
showing the ID in the URL, it would instead show something like so:

Is this possible? If it is then how would I go about doing it?

Also if I could change the categories URL so instead of categories/ID
it could be categories/UrlName (a property which I would make); I
assume this second task would be considerably easier than the first as
it seems RoR being a clever language would make it easy to do this
through routes.rb (or something, I'm really still not sure how I can
change the URL properly)..

This is the main bit of my routes.rb that makes the tutorials and
categories be displayed in the URL the way they are:

  map.connect 'categories/:id/tutorials/:action', :controller =>

  map.connect ':controller/:action:id'
  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'

map.resources :tutorials,
  :controller => "categories",
  :path_prefix => "/category/:category_id",
  :name_prefix => "category_"


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I don't know if this will help, but have you tried a search on