how/where can I use 'benchmark' to include response time right from the first point the app receives a request?


How can I get benchmark times that start right from the first point
the HTTP request hits the rails app, through to when it's ready to
start streaming back the request (i.e. to avoid network traffic

I'm using "benchmark" in my controller however I'm pretty sure I'm
missing other delays like: authentication via AuthLogic, etc...

For example I'm roughly doing

  def find
    self.class.benchmark("BENCHMARK REPORT") do
      search_path = params[:path] * "/"
      webfile = Webfile.find_by_path( search_path )
      if webfile
        send_file webfile.file.path , :type =>
webfile.file_content_type, :disposition => 'inline'
        render :text => "COULD NOT FIND YOUR FILE WITH PATH = #{params