How to write a test hash for a nested form??

How to write a hash for a nested form??

Example form fields (main model is Practice, nested is User):

I want to do this:

post :create, :practice => { :name => “any name”, :users_attributes => { :0 => { :email => “” } } }

The issue is that I can not create a symbol for 0 - :0 and :0.to_sym don’t work and “0”.to_sym and ‘0’.to_sym give me the weird :“0”. So how can I hack this through? Is there another way to create such a hash which bypasses need for symbols which the controller will still understand?



You do not need it to be symbols I guess. I think that string will
work just fine.
Anyway. You can create symbols also this way:


Robert Pankowecki

Thanks Robert, that worked great. Just looks a little weird at first to do :“0”.