how to use short_month in I18n localize Date format

using the I18n helper :

I18n.l( aDate, :format => ( :default/:long/:short) ) is fine to
display a localized date ...

in the rails yml file, there is also abbr_day_names: and
abbr_month_names: that I can use with select helpers

there is no such abbr in the strftime parameters list ... ( not
found ?)
is there a way to use this abbr_day_names / abbr_month_names also in
formatting dates ?

I18n.l(, :format => :long)
=> "February 15, 2012 15:42"

I18n.l(, :format => :abbr_long) would display
=> "Feb 15, 2012 15:42"

thanks for your feedback

[SOLVED] found the parameters in a complete strftime parameters