how to use fusion charts in ror

Srividya wrote:

Please take a look at this article:
This will help in integrating FusionCharts in Rails.
As far as I know, you don't need any plug-in to integrate FusionCharts
in rails.
Angular guage is a part of FusionWidgets v3. You would need to buy a
license, if you already haven't.
To produce the xml for the angular chart, refer to the documentation

There are several FusionCharts Rails related discussions at :
Hope this helps.

On May 26, 1:01�pm, Kiran Mandava <>

Thanks u srividya

I tried this but not generate angular chat with this and another issue i
could only get the day which i mentioned i couldn't get the whole
weekend that is how many hours he spent on each is not getting displayed

Any way my problem is not this i want angular fusion charts in ror where
i could display these as alarm signals and they should also generate
report that is on every weekend i should see how much fuel had been