How to stop loading database.yml file?

Hi Experts,

I was wondering if whether we can stop loading database.yml file when
rails loaded instead i want to load my new configuration yml file, is
that possible. to do?

I'm eagerly waiting for your reply guys.




Any suggestions?


Bala wrote:

Are you in development or production server?

if you are in production you should use svn and capistrano.

Voodoo@ [~/project_dev]> svn add config/database.yml
Voodoo@ [~/project_dev]> svn commit -m "Configured
Application for Capistrano"
Voodoo@ [~/project_dev]> cap deploy

it will auto deploy to your project app in production server.

if you are in development server :

first you have to do is make sure that you have done gem installed
mysql, you can change without shutdown the rails. (!~_~)

I'm development mode,

mysql gem installed, running with help of webrick.

so where do i start? i'm blank right now.


Your objective is want to change configuration in database.yml right?
you have to stop your webrick and reload it after your database.yml's
configured. I never try deploying in development server. Sorry if you
are not satisfied with my help.

No i dont want to load database.yml file itself, instead i've my own
yml file.
i want to load when rails start. :slight_smile:
sorry if my question confused you. :slight_smile: