how to split particuller value from an array in countries gem


   i am using countries gem for my application i what state in
particuller which comes like

{"RK"=>{"name"=>"Ra’s al Khaymah", "names"=>"Ra’s al Khaymah"},
"AZ"=>{"name"=>"Abu Z¸aby [Abu Dhabi]", "names"=>["Abu Zabi", "Abu
Zaby", "Ab\xC5\xAB Z\xCC\xA8ab\xC4\xAB", "Abu Dhabi", "Abu Dhabi"]},
"FU"=>{"name"=>"Al Fujayrah", "names"=>"Al Fujayrah"},
"UQ"=>{"name"=>"Umm al Qaywayn", "names"=>"Umm al Qaywayn"},
"DU"=>{"name"=>"Dubayy [Dubai]", "names"=>"Dubayy [Dubai]"},
"AJ"=>{"name"=>"'Ajman", "names"=>["Ujman"]}, "SH"=>{"name"=>"Ash
Shariqah [Sharjah]", "names"=>"Ash Shariqah [Sharjah]"}}

i need value of name alone in this array that is only state name how
to get this?


I think you need to ask the question again, it is not clear what you
are trying to achieve. To start with the data you have shown appears
to be a hash not an array. So presumably you have this hash in a
variable and are trying to extract something from it. Tell us in more
detail what you want to get out, not just in words, show us an example
of what you are trying to achieve.


array_of_names = my_original_hash.collect{|key, value| value["name"]}