How to show the full resolution image at clicking on thumnail

I am new to this mailing list and this is my first post to this list. I am working on the Ruby on Rails application (OpenStreetView).I need a help in the following issue. There are 5 copies of the same images are placed in a folder i.e. large(1024768),medium(500

375),small(240180),thu mnail(7575),square(10050) in size. The following code upload number of Geocoded images(square size) when the page loads.I want when someone click on the any Geocoded image on the page ,it should show the large image(1024768) of the same.And further click on the large image it must show again the square size image of the same. Following is the actual code.It is in .js file.Hope for reply from you very soo

var epsg4326 = new OpenLayers.Projection(“EPSG:4326”);

var OSVMain = (function() { var map, markers, map_move_timeout; var photos = {};

function mapChange() { if( map_move_timeout ) clearTimeout(map_move_timeout);

map_move_timeout = setTimeout(mapChangeTimeout, 500); updateLinks(); } function updateLinks() { var center = OSV.getMapCenter(map); var zoom = map.getZoom();

$(‘#permalink’).attr(‘href’,OSV.getURLBase()+‘?lat =’‘&lon=’+center.lon+‘&zoom=’+zoom); $(‘#kmllink’).attr(‘href’,getLocateLink(‘kml’)); }

function getLocateLink(format) { var extent = OSV.getMapExtent(map); var url = OSV.getURLBase()+‘/api/photos/locate.’+format+‘?bbox=’; url += [ extent.left, extent.bottom, extent.right,].join(‘,’);

return url; } function mapChangeTimeout() { map_move_timeout = null;

var url = getLocateLink(‘json’); $.get( url, null, photosLoaded, ‘json’ ); } function photosLoaded(json) { var new_photos = {}; var size = new OpenLayers.Size(50, 50); var offset = new OpenLayers.Pixel(-25, -25); for( var i = 0, l = json.length; i < l; ++i ) { var p = new OSVPhoto(json[i]); if( photos[] ) { new_photos[ ] = photos[]; photos[] = null; } else { var position = new OpenLayers.LonLat(,; var icon = new OpenLayers.Icon(p.url(‘square’), size, offset); p.marker = new OpenLayers.Marker(position.clone().transform(epsg4 326, map.getProjectionObject()), icon); new_photos[] = p; markers.addMarker(p.marker);

} }

for( var k in photos ) { var p = photos[k]; if( p && p.marker ) markers.removeMarker(p.marker); }

photos = new_photos; } function setup() { var vectors; var popup;

map = new OpenLayers.Map($(‘#map’).get(0), { controls: [ new OpenLayers.Control.ArgParser(), new OpenLayers.Control.Attribution(),

new OpenLayers.Control.LayerSwitcher(), new OpenLayers.Control.Navigation(), new OpenLayers.Control.PanZoomBar() ], units: “m”, maxResolution: 156543.0339, numZoomLevels: 20,

displayProjection: new OpenLayers.Projection(“EPSG:4326”) });

var mapnik = new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM.Mapnik(“Mapnik”, {

displayOutsideMaxExtent: true, wrapDateLine: true }); map.addLayer(mapnik);

var osmarender = new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM.Osmarender(“Osmarender”, {

displayOutsideMaxExtent: true, wrapDateLine: true }); map.addLayer(osmarender);

var numZoomLevels = Math.max(mapnik.numZoomLevels, osmarender.numZoomLevels);

var start = OSV.getStartLocation();

var numzoom = map.getNumZoomLevels(); if (start.zoom >= numzoom) start.zoom = numzoom - 1;

map.setCenter(start.pos.clone().transform(epsg4326 , map.getProjectionObject()), start.zoom); OSV.setupMapEventHandlers(map);“moveend”, map, mapChange);“zoomend”, map, mapChange); mapChange();

markers = new OpenLayers.Layer.Markers(“Markers”, {

displayInLayerSwitcher: false, numZoomLevels: numZoomLevels, maxExtent: new OpenLayers.Bounds(-20037508,-20037508,20037508,20037508),

maxResolution: 156543, units: “m”, projection: “EPSG:900913” }); map.addLayer(markers);


return { setup: setup, 1:1 }; })(); $(function(){ OSVMain.setup(); });

Regards Amrit pal


I am new to this mailing list and this is my first post to this list.

The rails/ruby core lists are not the place for general help. This particular list is dedicated to development of rails itself. I did see you had sent your message to rails talk which is the correct place and I am sure you will get good advice there.

- Cheers,     Ken