how to show different markers for current location and nearby locations in gmaps4rails

Hai guys,

Iam using gmaps4rails to show gmaps in my application.iam getting the map pointa right but iam unable to differentiate the current location and nerby locations in my idea is to use different markers for two locations i did it in the following way but it didnt worked for me

my controller

def profile @googlemaplocation=Location. find_by_id(“#{params[:clinic_id]}”)

@json1 = @googlemaplocation.to_gmaps4rails do |locations, marker|

marker.picture({ :picture => “”, :width => 32, :height => 32 }) end

@json2= @neargooglemaplocation.to_gmaps4rails do |locations, marker|

marker.picture({ :picture => “”, :width => 32, :height => 32 }) end

@json = (JSON.parse(@json1) + JSON.parse(@json2)).to_json


my view

<%= gmaps(:markers => { :data => @json } ) %>

what should i do if i want to display two different markers on the same map

Thanks & Regards Hari Krishna