How to save values from Sortable Unordered List?

I’ve a sortable unordered list as follows. How do I use controller to detect this element and get the contents to save each LI item into a row in the database?

  • 1. Good X
  • 2. Better X
  • 3. Best X

There is just so much here you've left us to guess at.

Even the question "how do I use a controller to detect this" is rather odd. Controllers do not detect things in a web page, they respond to HTTP requests.

Where did this list come from? How was it initially generated? Seeing it's apparently some kind of to-do list, is it something that is based upon a javascript library or framework such as backbone, ember, angular, etc? If the latter, those all have really great methods for interacting with a server controller, but not from a presentation view such as this.

Indeed, going from an unordered list such as this, you must create a javascript capability that can strip the content of that list, package things up in JSON, and make a call from javascript to the server controller, things which the above frameworks do for you already.