how to run script/server in a thread?

I have an application in which a server part has been written using rails, and the client part using firewatir. I would like to fire both up with a single command. What mistake am I making below? I am running this from the app root folder, where I am able to fire up irb and successfully feed it exec('script/server').

Warmly, Arun

#!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'rubygems' #Include the FireWatir file. require 'firewatir' #include the FireWatir Module. include FireWatir begin{exec('script/server')}   sleep(3) #to give the server time to start. Is there a better way?   ff.goto("http://localhost:3000")   sleep (5) ensure   ff.close   th.terminate end

Your error is the use of exec() - exec() overwrites the whole process
(all threads) with the new program. Use the system() instead...