How to retrieve a FileBlob from 'ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile' instance?

I have used ‘remotipart’ gem to upload files asynchronously to server side. The instance passed to the server side is of ‘UploadedFile’ .

The Rails API mentions all the methods( like read(), open() ) and attributes for the class, however I am not sure how to retrieve the File and store it on the database. The documentation hardly says anything.

Googling took me to no tutorials using this class.

You should start looking at Just type
"" into search box.

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, I looked up the API and found the Class, however there are no documents as to how to use the functions.

I have not used it but from the home page [1] there are links to demo
apps, do they not help?



I have read it, however it does not talk about how to store the fileblob server side. The Upload is working successfully, I am just clueless on how to handle the instance server side.