How to make dynamics reports

Hello everyone, I am working on the development of a module of dynamic reports, but I am lost. I have spent the last few days looking for how to implement a solution but I don’t get how to do it. What I am trying to do is something like giving the option to the user that is choosing a model for example product, this will tell you that if you want that product to list by Example requests for all products (ProductRepuest) according to product parameters such as price, or request status of a product such as interest (RateInterest) associated with the request (ProductRequest). I’ve tried using some gems like ranzack but it doesn’t work for what I’m doing, or at least I don’t see it achievable just with that.

I have also searched but I have not seen perhaps implementable solutions with JavaScript for example (query builder with a graphical analysis tool). Thank you and I await your contributions and comments.

Have you checked elastic search?

I’m looking for something like Blazer but without SQL, I looking creating the queries just working with models. I don’t know if I explain myself.