How to load a gem's .rb files AFTER Rails is loaded


I have a gem called ‘authorizer’ which does authorization for me. It has two observer classes that need to be added to the list of ActiveRecord observers:


require “authorizer/user_observer”

require “authorizer/object_observer”

config.active_record.observers = “Authorizer::UserObserver”, “Authorizer::ObjectObserver”

This gives me the error:

`load_missing_constant’: uninitialized constant Authorizer::ActiveRecord (NameError)

This problem is solved by copying the gem’s source files into the lib/ folder or by using a plugin. But I don’t want that. How can I ensure the gem is loaded AFTER the Rails framework is loaded?

This is on Rails 2.3.11

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I’m not sure if this works when you have to reference the ‘config’ object, but you can wrap code inside a block and use the #after_initialize method:

config.after_initialize do

config.active_record.observers = “Authorizer::UserObserver”, “Authorizer::ObjectObserver”



Rob Biedenharn

Thanks Rob. That almost fixed it. Solution is this:

  1. Create a file called rails/init.rb

  2. Put this in it:

config.after_initialize do

ActiveRecord::Base.observers << Authorizer::UserObserver

ActiveRecord::Base.observers << Authorizer::ObjectObserver


No more need for the user to mess with config/environment.rb.

I found it thanks to

It also works fine in development mode. Because of the post from Riotproject I was expecting trouble, but this hasn’t occurred.