How to Install Substruct in Eclipse?

No, and I don’t know why you would want to install Substruct from Eclipse…

Substruct is implemented as a Rails engine. Engines are not
recommended approach for reuse. If you are using it for learning
purposes, it might be ok. Otherwise you must be aware that plugins are
favored over engines. When newer releases of Rails comes out it might
break Substruct.

Shows how much you know…

If you install the recommended way, from the wiki, you will get Substruct locked to a constant, stable version of Rails.

There really is no reason at all to upgrade rails whenever a new version comes out…unless it’s a security patch FYI.

No. You’ll have to import it yourself.

PS: I recommend TextMate on Mac or UltraEdit (maybe Komodo) on PC for Rails…Eclipse and IDE’s are overkill imho.

PS: If you don’t know know much about engines (and it seems you don’t) please go read this.