how to give the condition between Id field and name field

Hi, Am having a table with quetion_id , nominees and vote_count. In which the values for question_id and nominees are prepopulated from other tables with vote_count as zero.

If the users select some nominees the vote count should be incresed by one. The problem is How to connect the question_id and nominees like for this question_id this nominee is selected .

can some one give example for this situation..

If your table looked like: question_id nominee_id vote_count

Then a voting page could populate a droplist with the ids and names of the nominees (the default should be something other than the first nominee to reduce 'laziness bias' in the results). The user chooses an entry and submits.

The controller then takes the post, grabs the question_id, selected nominee id and updates the vote_count for that record.

You could go another route an populate a form with radiobuttons, one per nominee, but you'll need to read up on radiobuttons in forms for Rails as you code is a bit more involved (you'll be passing an array to the form, and pulling the one 'selected' option out of that list in your controller.