how to get "" address


I am a newcomer to the Rails Front. Currently reading chapter 17 of
Agile Web Development on Rails. But a burning question, that I would
appreciate anyone being able to verify for me!

Here goes:

What I am hoping of trying to build is a site where I can have a page
for individual entry in the database. So if it were users: I wanted to
have a page in the the format: AND and display information pertaining to that
particular user.

How would one go about doing that. Up until now reading in the book, it
seems to indicate that I can only have a

Now I also have a faint clue that you can set a controller default(map
root). If I was to do that, would I need to have a new controller for
each user? That's the issue because it does not seem much of a DRY way
of getting this done.

Another quick add-on question that just came to my head while thinking
about this, if I was to implement search functionality. Say"whateverquery". Is it still possible in that
case to like redirect to the result ..if it was "user1"

Then what happens is your root page will be mapped to user controller's
index action And here you have to delete or rename public/index.html
before doing this


You sir, are my hero.

Thank You so much.