How to do collection_select pulldown style="width:200px" ?

Here's an example of the code I'm trying to get working...

<%= collection_select('book', 'book_type_id', all_book_types, 'id',
'name', :prompt => "Select Book Type...", :style => "width:200px" ) %>

I've tried a bunch of different permutations but can't get the style
width to even appear in the html output. Putting the style hash in
braces with or with the "html_options =" explicitly called out doesn't
help. I've Googled and looked at the API but can figure this one out.

Any ideas?

What about this?

<%= collection_select('book', 'book_type_id', all_book_types,
                       'id', 'name',
                       {:prompt => 'Select Book Type..."},
                       {:style => "width:200px"}

The docs say that last two arguments are both hashes, so if you don't encapsulate the :prompt with {}'s then I think ruby is going to consider *everything* from that point on to be part of options, not html_options...