How to disable form elements under any div ????

Hello All,

how do i disable child form elements of any div [ html obj ], so that they will not get posted.

Is there any other way, to toggle form elements while form post ??

form elements

form elements

Sandip R~

If you are using prototype, you can get (for example) all the divs
with the $$ function and then disable the form elements, see


Franco Catena.

Do you mean disable? If what you are trying to do is to prevent them
from being posted when the form is submitted then disabling them is
not what you need to do. As far as I know there is no way of
preventing fields that have values from being posted though others may
correct me on this. Why can you not just ignore the irrelevant fields
when the form is submitted?


Thanks, for reply !

following trick worked for me…

I created one hidden div outside form tag and while submitting form appended unnecessary div ( with form elements )

to the hidden div outside form tag.

JavaScript method

outer_hidden_div.appendChild( unnnecessary_div_inside_form_tag )

Sandip R~

you can set the the [html obj]'s style as:"";

I hope it will do…