How to deploy multiple apps on one Mac OSX development machine...

I have split off the User Authentication of our main application into it’s own application. I would like have this called from the main application. How can I have multiple instances of “script/server” running when there’s only one localhost:3000?

I believe I can then simple switch applications by routing.


you can use ./script/server -p 4000

LaughingNinja wrote:

Thanks. That was easy :slight_smile:

Choose a different port? LOL

Blog: Learn rails:

If you use Mac OS X, you could use Passenger Preference Pane:

That would me my long term recommendation. Passenger makes it easy to manage multiple Rails or Rack Apps

Mathieu Rousseau wrote:

Thanks for all your input!

I'm using the alternate port and it's working. However, I now have another issue: How can I send the Session: hash to the other application. We have a Calendar application in house where users can sign up for training classes. So, once the User is authorized in the User Authentication app, I'm redirecting to the calendar app. I need the Session: which contains the User object to tie the user to a lesson.

What's your suggestion for passing this between apps?

Thanks again.

here are some resources that can get you started (includes a ppt)

although i think for your needs, you could just exploit the RESTful actions design in Rails. For eg, your Calendar app should request authentication by specifying a specific controller action in the Authentication app (using complete URL, As Far As I Know) and your Authentication app should return the Session hash.