How to create a search bar for searching youtube videos using youtube_it

I've been able to set things up to display a result of queries using
youtube_it gem my current code for fetching that data is

def index
$client = =>
@videos = $client.videos_by(:tags => ['funnyvideo'])

The thing is that I want to allow the user to input what they want to
search instead of me putting in funny video, I want a search bar that
allows users to type in their tags.

My current search bar looks something like this
<% form_tag videos_path, :method 'get' do %>
<%= text_field_tag :search %>
<%= submit_tag "search" %>
<% end %>

How can I pass in whatever the user type into the search bar to fetch
the youtube tags?


Whatever the user passes you gonna find it in the params hash so in your case:

@videos = $client.videos_by(:tags => params[:search])

Read this: Action controller overview