How to call stored procedure on iodbc

Hi all, I am getting a problem in calling Stored Procedure from C++ application on macintosh using OpenLink.

Exact scenario is that my stored procedure takes 6 parameters out of which 1 parameter is out parameter and other 5 are input parameters.

So it uses 5 IN parameters as values for inserting a row in database and returns its max id as out parameter.

Code Snippet is given below :--

    SWORD returnCode = 0;     SDWORD bindReturnCode = 0;     RETCODE returnVal;     char sqlString[500];

    memset(sqlString,0,sizeof(sqlString));     HSTMT hstmt = ptrDB->GetHSTMT();     returnVal = SQLAllocStmt(ptrDB->GetHDBC(), &hstmt);

    if (returnVal == SQL_SUCCESS)     {         returnVal = SQLBindParameter(hstmt, 1, SQL_PARAM_OUTPUT, SQL_C_SLONG, SQL_INTEGER,                            0,0, &returnCode,0, &bindReturnCode);

        //strcpy(sqlString,"{call PI_ShBlobData (?, 0, 0, 0, EMPTY_BLOB(), null)}");         returnVal = SQLExecDirectA(hstmt, (UCHAR*)sqlString, SQL_NTS);

    refPk = returnCode;     bRetVal = true;     ptrDB->CommitTrans();     }

SQLFreeStmt(hstmt, SQL_DROP);

Thanks for help in advance.

Got the solution!!!