how to call a function in model and pass values in

jon wrote:


Is it possible to call a functon using callbacks, passing a number of
attr_names in?
i.e. somthing like this

before_save :tst => :title, :content

def test(*attr_names)
  attr_names.each do |record, attr_name, value|


Two questions.

1) Are you trying to create a custom validation in your model? This wouldn't be the route to take.

I'm going to guess that this is the case.

You'd want to extend AR to build your own validation method.


-- or --

2) Do you just need a custom before_save method to be called?

If this, then I'm not sure why you'd need to pass an arbitrary set of methods into the function.

before_save :test

def test
   [:attr_1, :attr_2].each...


Good luck!