how to build a website using ruby on rails

how do i build a website using ruby on rails

any suggestions..

about the tutorials..sample code..books..or open source tools

thank you

Ummm... Get a book and learn. I would recommend agile web development with rails by the pragmatic programmers. Pretty much covers it all. Also grab the pickaxe book and get up to speed with ruby if you don't know it. Also railscasts is an excellent resource.

Good luck

Steven Elliott

I started with Sitepoint's SImply Rails 2, the main tutorial is a Digg
style application. I think this is a great start, but you will need
other books.

The Pragmattic Programmers: Agile Web Developmnet with Rails is decent
and the reference section at the back is well worth it.

You also need to get into Ruby too, you can pick up the nasics while
going through the SImply Rails 2 book, (there's a reuby section at the
start), then you should do some other tutorials.

I found playing around in the script/console was a great help in
getting used to the raltionships between models, tis is also covered
well in Simply Rails

Hope this helps

I'd also subscribe to the Railscasts podcasts in iTunes. They're
extremely useful and still relevant no matter what version of rails
you're starting with (although I hope you're starting with the latest
and leaving the 1.2.x series in the past).

Hi Sanjanad,

If you do like a more practical approach, I strongly recommend the
Free Online Learning Rails course:

You will finish the course with a basic Rails CMS in your hands.

All the best.