How to access the Var or function from a Javascript file in a rails function?

Hi! I am supposed to process the specified data in my database.So this is what i am doing. First, I get the “id” attribute of the objects that i will use by checkbox. Then, I will search the database to get the objects according to the “id” list.

But, here is my problem, I can get the “id” list, but I don;t know how to get the objects thtough the list, for the function"getPendingList" to get “id” list is in the “js” file, the function “pendingAll(list)” to get the object is a rails helper function, when i call back the “getPendingList” like " pendingAll( getPendingList) ",it says can’t find the getPendingList.

Any advice will be appreciated, thank you~

I am afraid I, for one, cannot make any sense of your question. Firstly, are you an experienced Rails developer? If not then I suggest working right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online). Then, if you still cannot answer your own question try again to ask the question and show us the section of code that is not working (not the whole app, just the few lines around the problem).