How to access multiple models in a single controller

I am creating a customer database. The navigation menu will have sections for supported customers, trial customers, unsupported customers, etc. The nav menu will appear on every page.

I need to get the list of customers (i.e., supported customers), but since I'm not using the company controller, I don't have access to the methods that return the Company model data. How can I get the Application controller to access the Company model?

Thanks, Richard

You should be able to access your Company model from any controller.

So in my CompanyController, I have functions index, new, edit, create, show, etc... My understanding is that one of these gets called depending on the page. If I'm creating a new company, then the new/ create is called, etc. How do I create a function that is called everytime, regardless of the context?

Sounds like you are looking for a before_filter