how set background image inside <td > tag dynamically

Vijayendra Achar wrote:

how set background image inside <td > tag dynamically - plz help me

Statically, it's like style = "background-image:url(/images/wiki/skyRamp.png)"

Dynamically, it might be page['td_id']['style'].backgroundImage = "url(...)"

Someone should check my JavaScriptGenerator syntax, but that's where I would start...

Vijayendra Achar wrote:

if i wanted to code this insdie <%= %> how to code

Oh, that kind of "dynamic"!

Here's my output:

<td colspan="2" style="background-image:url(/images/wiki/skyRamp.png)">

(I built that with Builder::XmlMarkup, not ERb. Don't try that until you learn more programming!)

Now you can put the <%= %> anywhere in there that you like, replacing as much or as little of the source as you need, so long as ERb can read it and generate well-formed HTML.

To vary just the image itself, try this:

<td colspan="2" style="background-image:url(<%= get_my_image() %>)">

Vijayendra Achar wrote:


but its not working

Start a new thread with a new subject line, and post your code here.