How long do you think host providers will take to go to Rails 1.2?


Does anyone have previous experience here re how long most hosting providers take to upgrade rails? (i.e. to v1.2 in this case)

I assume the standard approach is to resist upgrading until your hosting provider has first (i.e. DEV environment == PROD environment)?


PS I’m using Dreamhost at the moment.

Does anyone have previous experience here re *how long most hosting
providers take to upgrade rails?* (i.e. to v1.2 in this case)

Depends on the hosting company ...
WebFaction has already added support for Rails-1.2.1:


WebFaction - Hosting for an agile web

You might want to consider adding your own gem library. I’ve got a few sites on DH and all of them have required various gems which aren’t installed.
has a fairly good explanation of how to do it.


You can use Rails 1.2 before your provider installs the latest gem by running:
rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-2-1

This will also allow you to test your application under Rails 1.2 to
make sure there are no problems.

This is a good question. In the past, we've learned to be very mindful
of existing customers not locking their applications to specific
versions and have taken a "upgrade when asked" approach. Most of our
customers are savvy developers and know how to use the rake tasks to
include whatever version of Rails that they want in vendor/.

This is what we encourage customers that host with us at PLANET ARGON.


At Engine Yard, each environment is entirely independent.

We had customers running 1.2, and we now have customers running 1.2.1. :slight_smile: