How is gui development preformed in rails

Normaly the GUI guys will do the GUI stuf and layout the pages
but in rails it seems that the developer dose the page layout,
as the page layout is done in the VIEW with code.

Have I this wrong ?

Is it possible for a GUI guy to do page layout with a tool like
or any other tool that a GUI guy will use to do page layout.

And then have the developer do his bit.

Please share with me your experence ?

If you can get the "GUI guy" to give you something in HTML & CSS, then
it should be possible to separate that into a layout and action erb
files, and edit them so that the fields are connected with your code.

In our case, we got a JPEG picture of our new page, and had to write
the HTML & CSS ourselves. At least it was a nice design.

In our case the GUI guy isn't assigned to the project-- we just his
services on loan, so it was a one-time thing. If we had someone like
that who would be making regular changes, my inclination would be to
give him a development system and let edit the erb files there so he
could see his changes. Ideally, the code in such files would not be
so great as to make it hard for him to see the HTML he was editing.
(You can write your own helper methods, and keep the code in the erb's
to a minimum.)

great definitions, but don't javascript be a web developer's function?
and, what would be a web master? =D

great definitions, but don't javascript be a web developer's function?

I'd say strictly client-side JS would be part of role 2, AJAX bridges
1 and 2.

and, what would be a web master? =D

"webmaster", one word like "postmaster" is a now deprecated term
from back in the day -- no, not that 'the day', the one before :slight_smile: -- and
meant you did 1+2+3 plus IA + system admin + explaining to people
what the heck this "world wide web" stuff was + answering emails to
"" + .....