How find ruby on rails app client mac address?

This sounds like someone doesn’t truely understand how networking works…


Me or the original poster?

If MAC Addresses are passed in the http cycle that is certainly news to me since I’ve never heard of that. Obviously switches and hubs use Mac addresses at the TCP/IP layer, but remember that the TCP/IP layer is a separate layer from the http cycle layer.


you understand it fine…Original poster.


I meant the original poster did not understand it…which is quite worrisome.


True, but these days, many (most?) developers don't. So, I'm tempted
to just cut him some slack, and point him in the direction of some

Yasin, the "standard model" of networking in general can be found at:

The "real" Internet stack is a little bit different, and can be found at:

(though this omits the bottom layers found in OSI). You can find a
more general description of protocol stacks at:

One important thing to remember is that in a layered architecture
(such as this), each layer should generally be as ignorant as possible
of what's going on at the lower layers. So, I would very much doubt
that a MAC address would be found in an HTTP request, unless some
specially modified application were adding it in a custom header or
some such.