how do i send pictures in channels?

Got my chat app working in rails 6 with channels but now how do I let users send pictures in channels? I’ve seen chat apps where after you upload the picture it displays with a circled button that says send and you can also delete it instead How do I do that?

With JavaScript. One of the neatest implementations I've seen of this is in Trix (ActionText), which is open-source, so you could see how they do it there. Also GitLab has a nice one, and the source is available for that (unlike GitHub, who also have one). You're basically intercepting the drop and paste events, checking to see whether the payload was an image, and then doing some out-of-band trickery to make a file attachment using a separate model and controller. Trix uses the new ActiveStorage goodies for its implementation. Not sure what the others use.


Yes thanks I went with trix on this The problem I’m having now is ActionCable.server.broadcast unexpectedly sends a truncated version of the value of the rich text field over to my channel Maybe something in ActionCable config?