How do i select "OK" button on MS Internet Explorer Popup window


I am chandra sekhar, i am new to Ruby…

i got stucked when i am executing one program…i have defined the Pop-Up function in one class, and i am calling this Pop-up function at main script.

while executing the script, the “winclicker” is not clicking “OK” button on the popup window.

can anybody help me on this…

def popupHandler(hwnd, popupWinButton) popupWindowTitle = “Microsoft Internet Explorer” popup = popup.makeWindowActive(hwnd) popup.clickWindowsButton(popupWindowTitle, popupWinButton)

      @csvLogger.debug("Popup: " + popup.getStaticText_hWnd(hwnd).to_s + ": Clicked " + popupWinButton)

def checkForPopup(ie, popupWinButton,waitTime=POPUP_WAIT) hwnd = ie.enabled_popup(waitTime) if (hwnd) popupHandler(hwnd, popupWinButton) end end

What's winclicker? You haven't explained everything you're using. Ruby/ rails code is executed server side. A button click is usually client

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