how do I populate the database? source foo.sql ?

I've tried several techniques to importing data, no success.

I don't have much SQL, do I need to do something like "load infile"
through SQL to import data? Or, can I do something through rails with
the "source foo.sql" command, which looks promising but I, for one, can't
figure out the syntax :frowning:

thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $ sqlite3 development.sqlite3 <
SQL error near line 1: near "/": syntax error
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $ cat data.sql
insert into db/development.sqlite3.calls (name) values ("goodfellow");

thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $ source data.sql
bash: data.sql: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: data.sql: line 1: `insert into db/development.sqlite3.calls (name)
values ("goodfellow");'
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $
thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $ sqlite3 development.sqlite3
SQLite version 3.4.1
Enter ".help" for instructions


CREATE TABLE calls ("id" INTEGER PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, "start" integer
DEFAULT NULL, "end" integer DEFAULT NULL, "name" varchar(255) DEFAULT
NULL, "avaya_login" integer DEFAULT NULL);
CREATE TABLE schema_info (version integer);


thufir@arrakis ~/goodfellow-tool/db $