How do I install RoR?


Longer answer: you should probably start by installing all of the
above locally first for learning purposes. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

1) Go buy a Rails book, preferably a good one.
2) Read it.
3) Try again.
4) Post error messages.

Quit expecting the list to babysit you.

So you have Ruby and RubyGems installed, and you've done a
`gem install rails`, correct?

Then you should be able to type `rails projectname` and rails will
build a directory with the basics for your app. But there are certainly
plenty of "getting started" tutorials, screencasts, etc. around.


Go buy Head First Rails by David Griffiths. I any newbie should start
with this book to get an understanding of ROR, and then download
Humble Little book of ruby.

This is what I started with.