How do I deal with ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed:

Hello all,

I am currently writing model tests in rails 4. I am attempting to add an error to a reservation object if the total number of reservations for a given date and time has reached a pre-determined limit.

When my test runs, it is hitting the appropriate code but it is raising the following error as opposed to just giving me an error in the object that I can use.

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Reservation limit reached for this time slot

test/models/reservation_test.rb:29:in `block (2 levels) in class:ReservationTest

I was wondering if anyone can give me an ideas of how to deal with this.

My test environment is using shoulda, faker, and factory_girl


setup do

List.create(name: ‘reservation_limit’, values: 20)

@reservation =


should “remove unavailable times if reservation limit for time slot is full” do

20.times{ FactoryGirl.create :reservation }

assert_equal false, FactoryGirl.create(:reservation), “reservation was created after total reservation for time slot was reached.”



def check_reservation_time

errors.add(:base, “Can’t set reservation to a time before 5pm.”) if parse_time(start_time) < parse_time(“17:00”)

errors.add(:base, “Can’t set reservation to a time after 8pm.”) if parse_time(start_time) > parse_time(“20:00”)

errors.add(:base, “Reservation limit reached for this time slot”) if reservation_limit_reached?(Reservation.where(“start_date = ? and start_time = ?”, self.start_date, self.start_time))


def reservation_limit_reached?(reservations)

reservations.size >= List.where(name: ‘reservation_limit’).first.values.to_i


I am told I can use rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid but my research is pointing me to that only working in the controller so I wasn’t sure how that would help me in a model test.

Any ideas or help is appreciated.


Interesting. I solved the issue finding a post from a person with the same error while trying to test. Issue was that i was trying to create an invalid object before I could test it. So instead, I assigned a valid object using Factory girl to a local variable then tested that the save was false and this resolved my issue.