how do i change the status message?


  I know how to change the status code in a response;

  render :status => 403, ...

  But how do i change the message that goes with it? Eg; the default
message for 403 is "Forbidden", but I'd like to change it to something else.


AFAIK status message is a part of HTTP specification along with the code, thus I think you cannot change it easily.
If you want to display some special message for an error code, you should probably make use of ErrorDocument Apache directive or the like.

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Damian/Three-eyed Fish

Acutally, the status is just a header (Status: ...) so you can set it to
anything you want.

Doesn't make it a good idea though... the messages are indeed part of
the http spec... although most clients probably just look at the numeric


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