How do I call the exception_notifier from my own rescue_action_in_public ?

Hi all!

I've been using the excellent exception_nofitier ( ) a while now, but want to change the way it interacts with my application.

I now have my own rescue_action_in_public which takes me to a "Error. Describe the problem"-page. After filling out some user data the user can then click on submit. This is where the problem comes:

I want to trigger the exception_notifier when I submit my form. I have tried to save the variables exception and request and then simply redefine them so they appear as when the error occurred.

My code goes something like this:

#controller/application.rb def rescue_action_in_public(exception) @saved_exception = exception @saved_request = request   render :partial => "errorpage" end

After pushing the form in errorpage i go to this:

#controller/application.rb def submit_error()      request = params[:saved_request]

ExceptionNotifiable::rescue_action_in_public(params[:saved_exception]) end

However, I keep getting errors like   undefined method `rescue_action_in_public' for ExceptionNotifiable:Module even though they are in that module. I have included the ExceptionNotifiable and also tried to make the methods non-private.

Anyone can help me with this? How can I trigger the ExceptionNotifier myself?