How do guys create round corner boxes? Which Graphi

Tam-Minh wrote:

There are a lot of solutions found around the net. But i ask myself, can
i create a rounded corner box using library of!

I've been experimenting a bit with Nifty Corners. It's a javascript
based solution which requires no graphic files.

I've gone the other route (photoshoping, etc), and this one is less
laborous on the backend, but shifts the effort towards browser
rendering time (of which I haven't noticed any slow down as of yet) and
programming time (most ID/Classes can be rounded in an onload event,
but partials are a little trickier).

Nifty is also nice because you don't have any special rendering html.
Just tell Nifty the ID(or class) you want to round. The demos are good.


I enjoy's the only one Ive gotten to work reliably.

not neccessarily a solution, but interesting: